Pietro Cimatti

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At the origin,before all the complications and dismays,Teacher LEONARDO wrote that 'the painter paints himself',that he takes back teacher Dante's dizzy intuition:"no painter could set some figure if,intentionally,we didn't first do such and what the figure to be goddesses.And it can seem,this is my way of start,the most arbitrary to complicate a such 'natural' painter like the friend Roberto Di Jullo, a pleasant and immediate readable painting,just like his painting and handwriting that tames an ancient world of women and horses and gives it to the less snobbish amateur of art.But the sense of that start below the apparent complication icily instructed and only this I immediately think sharing:idest that Roberto Di Jullo paints and represents a world that has taste of wild and ancient,of "rustican" and incorrupted drawing it from its same pure and native nature.The teacher Di Jullo meets his public with marvelous facility and immediateness, withdrawing himself without lacerations and violences.

"Campiti" ("Primed")inside round geometries in a windy air,his themes tell of him,they are his dreams and his regrets,they guarantee to the urban world that will purchase them for their fragile walls that everything is not lost.What has saved Roberto Di Jullo by the shipwrecks,of which the ocean of the modern art is full,is the happily handicraft sense of his operating,is to have put in a free shop of painting,in an old not all corrupted yet Rome,as the ancient teachers of art did,to whom they went,with friendship and trust,to order works for the house and the church,for the gift or for the gift to themselves and,in the meanwhile,graphic briefcases were opened,heaped up pictures were dusted,works and people of the present were commented,in a graced familiarity - today almost all lost - between the artist and his people in an happy concomitance of desires and dreams.

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    At the origin,before all the complications and dismays,Teacher LEONARDO wrote that 'the painter paints himself',that he takes back teacher Dante's…
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