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Since the Primary Schools,Roberto Di JUllo's inclination to draw was evident and supported by all the teachers he had.In factas soon as there was the choice of the scholastic address,he decised for the famous "ISTITUTO STATALE D'ARTE" of Isernia where Di Jullo distinguished himself with notable profit in following the courses of the artistic subjects,graduating himself as teacher of art.He was qualified for teachingthrough Medium Schools'competition (cl.IV).

 Gone to Naples,he attended The "ACCADEMIA DELLE BELLE ARTI" to continue after the courses of scenography in Rome.The professional interest for scenography saw him busy in the avant-garde theater.And then collaborator in scenotechnics first and subsequently designer to the services of "Telegiornale",of "CENTRO di PRODUZIONE RAI di via teulada in Rome".After "RAI" he taught "Tecnica dell'incisione" with various stages in Italy and abroad.Now Di Jullo keeps operating in the artistic sector,studying and testing new techniques and materials to demonstrate in the best ways his experience and his preparation.

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The Teacher

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  • Who he is
    Professor of drawing,painter,engraver and "scenografo".He attended the Institute of art of Isernia and the courses of scenography at the Academy…
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  • Studies
    Since the Primary Schools,Roberto Di JUllo's inclination to draw was evident and supported by all the teachers he had.In factas…
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  • Home
    Gallop on the lawn where the arid grasses revitalize. he horse gets excited,tries to earn the hand,it covers itself with…
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  • Research

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  • Engraving

    The incisions condense on a metallic plate the experience of the original graphics.Like a draw to ink or pencil through
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